• Disappearing...

    ...into my Bat Cave. Don't find me. I'll find you.

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    Ong, where did you go?

    Social Media

    It's like one giant house and we're all roommates. It's easy to get on each other's nerves with the over abundance of sharing and information. I need time away from all the noise and distraction.

    Where's the Music

    Yes, I took my music down from several sites. If you're lucky, you may find some still floating around on the web or on someone's MP3 player. I will be releasing music under a new label and moniker.


    I'm always on the move and if I'm at one location for long, I'm too busy to go out and do things that normal people would do. This may change when I have a little more freedom with my time.

  • "You're either born blessed or you turn your curses into blessings."

    - Ong Chuechaoly

  • Bio

    Notorious ONG (Ong Chuechaoly) is an American Hmong songwriter, music producer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist from California. She's been at this grind for so long, with little to no major achievements, that loved ones question her sanity and have threatened to take her on the Dr. Phil show, even pressuring her to find a husband from Laos so she can be a full-time sugar momma. But Ong has no interests in pursuing the unpursued dreams of others.